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Saturday, January 15, 2011

History Lesson

Another good find, this time at Anne’s Tiques in Tuscaloosa, was a postcard with kittens on the front and the reverse stamped with a half-penny stamp and addressed to “Miss Willy, Holly Lodge, Victoria R?, Great Malvern.” It was postmarked May 23, 1910, from a town in Dorset. Victoria Road it was, and presumably the card was delivered safely, but who knows how it made its way to Tuscaloosa from Great Malvern.

The postcard is dated “23 – V- 10” and reads:

“I have sent you Saturday’s Daily Graphic
with some pictures of the King’s funeral. I like
the photo where the dog is following in the
procession. ............... It has been very hot here
the last day or two—quite a blazing sun—but
there is more breeze today. I expect it is very
hot in Malvern.
With love from J.”

I like the way the note makes a kind of a found poem as well as the respectful space to indicate a new paragraph as the writer shifts from news about the funeral to news of the weather.

The funeral in question was that King Edward VII (grandfather of King George VI, featured in the movie The King’s Speech). The funeral had occurred May 20. Pictures (but not the one of the dog!) can be found at The Royal Windsor Web Site

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  1. I miss those days when you could write an address on your envelope that you weren't completely sure about and still be pretty sure it would arrive safely!


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